Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Begins

An entrepreneur has contacted me with an exciting proposal for the first crypto-seigneurialist fief.  I’ve asked him to draw up a business plan, which should be done sometime next week. 

The structure of crypto-seigneurialism, which will be further explained in my next post, requires an entity with the authority to grant titles.  I have thus proclaimed myself Sovereign Founder and have granted the title of Baron to our entrepreneur, who has chosen the name Baron Fulk Nerra.

The project will use PHP and MySQL, so if you’d like to help for fun, profit, or knighthood: study up.

Also, Mencius Moldbug has set up a pledge fund, and he certainly deserves to be well-paid for the incredible body of work he has produced, but I fear we may see the end of Unqualified Reservations as a full-time blog. 

Crypto-seigneurialism offers a solution.  In Crypto-Seigneurialism Revealed, I spoke of “priests and cardinals offering oversight and ideas, the anonymous intellectuals of the crypto-economy, the chosen bloggers of neo-medievalism.”  This, of course, is a paid position, and that Moldbug's blogging-fund ran dry at the same time that Perkunos chose to reveal crypto-seigneurialism seems more than coincidence.

I agree with Bruce Charlton that modern academia, by emphasis on specialization, agreeableness, and conscientiousness, prevents high IQ individuals from becoming revolutionary scientists, and that is likely what happened in Moldbug’s case … as well as in the case of another reactionary blogger, TGGP.

Even as extremely gifted individuals who seem to love nothing more than independent research, formally trained in CS, self-taught in economics, they don't quite fit in modern institutions, and yet are perfect for our priesthood.

If Baron Fulk Nerra’s fief ends up profitable – and I believe it will – then I, Sovereign Founder Ivan Navi, will command the Baron to tithe his profits for the establishment of a church, with initial offers of priesthood to the aforementioned bloggers.

We’ll see if the business plan is as convincing to you as it was to me.


  1. So you're not going elaborate more on neo-muhammadism?

  2. Well, I do have the outline of the next Neo-Muhammadanist post written out, but never got around to finishing it. Thank you for reminding me; I will attempt to do so soon.

  3. so lemme get this straight. someone contacted you with a business proposal and your response was to declare yourself sovereign and grant him the title of baron, because the guy in the wolf suit you hallucinated on your computer told you to, and then your going to create a priesthood of bloggers.

    this is about the nuttiest blog ive ever read. have you considered psychiatric help?

  4. Anonymous, I see your struggling with the your/you're paradox. What strange subtleties must men master to distinguish these twins of Gödelian complexity? Once you have you're answer, friend, you're criticism will be welcome.

    TGGP, Perkunos is an ancient sort, of that stock that revels in driving enemies before him and hearing the music of feminine lamentations, with those Aryan impulses tempered by the sights he saw on that spread out canvas of the age of men, travelling o'er the plains and rivers poured from the chalice of Plthwih under the light of the star of Deiwos to my computer screen (coincidentally, this occurred while reading your archives). You may hold congress with him some day in a darkened room, if, some day soon, you deign join the already growing priesthood of crypto-seigneurialism.

  5. Perhaps you would have more success with a snappier name. "Crypto-seigeneurialism" doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Maybe add a couple more suffixes.

  6. You have my permission to use the terminology of Father Boethius: simply call it "The Shadow Kingdom".

  7. Can I be "President and First Tiger"?