Sunday, January 24, 2010

The First Priest of Crypto-Seigneurialism: Father Boethius Ordained

I have now ordained the First Priest of Crypto-Seigneurialism, who has chosen the name Father Boethius. Father Boethius has a frightening intellect, astonishing erudition, a long history commenting at all the right blogs, and a distinguished, verifiable publication list in a professional-level venue.

Those of you contacting me desirous of priesthood, take note. I am forced by practical concerns to reject the applications of those who have nothing I can evaluate: if you don’t have a blog, or published works, or a thesis, there really is no way I can tell if your contributions will be valuable, or even where your sympathies truly lie.

If you are a programmer or IT specialist, rather than a writer, contact me instead regarding knighthood. To put it simply:

Knights = nerds
Priests = poets

The knights will serve as programmers and in information security roles. Just as in feudal times, ownership of “property” hinges on the ability to defend it, and just as in feudal times, Father Boethius and his brethren will enforce our principles, wielding the weapon of excommunication.

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