Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Empty Camp

"Wherefore they arose and fled in the twilight, and left their tents, and their horses, and their asses, even the camp as it was, and fled for their life."

"I have seen knights setting forth, beginning assaults and standing muster, and sometimes retreating to save themselves."

"Ravenous greed would devour everything and then discover other wants. No bridle can restrain man's disordered desires within reasonable bounds."

Greetings, Light-Children of the Shadow Kingdom.

We begin this catechism with a call:

Hail G_d who brings Order to Chaos!
And hail the Light-Children, the joyful slaves of G_d, who build the pyramid named Order from the empty and chaotic sand! May our work be a monument not of trunkless legs but of noble stone.

As we build the Shadow Kingdom it must be with open eyes and hearts. The lie that humanity is free is proven false by the bold bacteria legion in our tissue. We are all symbionts. We are unwilling slaves to our genes and our generations. We are often willing slaves to our loves and to our lineage. We can be best used as joyful slaves to G_d id est joyful slaves to the greatest work: building and preserving Order. Do not let the words of the Enemy entrap your heart. Our first freedom is the freedom to shackle ourselves to greatness. Our finest freedom is choosing Good over evil and Order over chaos.

In our last catechism, we held the Fundamental Tenant, from my Consolation:

"Only the wise can do what they want to do."

The First Harmonic Tenant follows naturally from it:

"No man can be rich who cries fearfully and considers himself to be poor."

Fools live in fantasy. They believe themselves beset by enemies waiting to snatch what little they have, even if that little is a house on the hill. They build walls of laws and project their fearful thoughts onto the hearts of all. Every setback is a devastation and every closed door is the end of the world. When one considers the state of such men who run our state it is a miracle we are left unmolested.

The wise live in reality. In a typo I wrote "freality." Though an ugly word it is a good descriptor. The wise live in a reality that gives freedom of thought and action. Because fools believe in the fantasy of personal freedom, every failing is a failure. Because the wise know that freedom exists only to be given away, every failing is a correction. Because the wise live in reality, a wise man stripped of physical possessions knows that nothing has been taken from him. Fools place their treasure in earthy delights. The treasure of the wise is in knowledge and family.

It is for this reason I call you my children. The Shadow Kingdom is a family. Progressive Fools, led by the Enemy have sought to destroy the family for these three-hundred years and perhaps three-thousand more. We will rebuild it and with the bonds of blood we will stand together and thrive.

Fides Et Conscienta,
Father Boethius


  1. I'm confused. It shouldnt matter to us if the state takes our possessions because we are all a family? Sounds like commy talk.

  2. Dear Confused Anal Moose,

    My apologies for the scatalogically-natured name but as you won't tell us who you are, I have been given no other recourse.

    Where do you see "it shouldn't matter if the state takes our possessions?" I do not remember writing such a thing. What I do remember writing is that material possessions are less important than knowledge and family because it follows that through knowledge and family material possessions are created. Id est the Fool depends on the State to protect false wealth while the Wise knows where true wealth lies.

    This is in no way "commy talk." Without regard to the correctly abbreviated "commie talk," talk of the family is inherently anti-communist. The "commy" seeks to make all men members of "the Party" because the "commy" believes that the ultimate evolution of relationship is the State. The Wise, the members of the Shadow Kingdom, understand that human relations are not subject to the whims of taste and that the prime example of relationship is that of the family.

  3. Father Boethius' FatherJanuary 31, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    Anal Moose just got PWN3D.

  4. I get the feeling of watching a work of art being constructed... foundation being laid down on the canvas.

  5. You got style, I'll give you that.

  6. This guy could start a religion. Hell, I'd join.