Friday, January 29, 2010

The First Knight of the Shadow Kingdom

We have now knighted the newest initiate to the Shadow Kingdom, who has sworn the oath of fealty and offered his services to aid in the advancement of our goals. Sir Francis Walsingham has mastered the arcane art of "software engineering", is a skilled applied mathematician, and knows a thing or two about investing and web-based start-ups. His skill-set is so relevant to our first fief that someday missionaries will tell his tale to convince nihilist savages that the universe is divinely ordered.

Our week-old fief is now four nobles strong, and I am quite pleased with our progress. We still need new nobles, dedicated to the ideals of liberty, who possess the following skills/areas of knowledge: web design, programming, cryptography, feudalism, network engineering, web-based start-ups, seigneurialism, onion routing, Jiu Jitsu, finance, joint stock companies, law, neocameralism, system penetration, opinion entitlement, usury, information security, and/or horsemanship.  Current compensation: title, including partial ownership of fief (shares).  Contact me to for more information.

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