Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Virtual Plantation; Muslims Enthusiastic about Neo-Muhammadanism

David Friedman recently posted an interesting entrepreneurial proposal regarding the importation of historical jewelry.

I thought of a possible improvement to the business plan:

It would be still more profitable, obviously, to have workers provide you with custom arts and crafts for free.

The guilt-free method of doing so would be to scam bait a conniving Nigerian (which is surprisingly easy given the likely 50 point average IQ difference) which, when done with sufficient skill, can generate very impressive artwork.

A team of five to ten such baiters could rake in the profits while simultaneously preventing thousands of crimes.

The linked-to bust is of the scam baiter "Shiver Metimbers". Getting free, customized busts made is the least of it.

I imagine a network of professional, Shiver Metimbers level scam baiters auctioning off custom busts and custom tattoos - "your face tattooed on a Nigerian scammer! e-mail history of bait included" - selecting the most gullible scammers by some sort of field-validated gullibility test.

On another note, I recently posted my description of a proposed variation of Islam, Neo-Muhammadanism, to The post was overwhelmingly voted up and received a comment, "good", which increases my confidence that Neo-Muhammadanism will quickly replace the obsolete version of Islam.

Also, since converting to Neo-Muhammadanism, debating progressives has become astonishingly easy. On page two of the posted thread I used Islamic debate tactics to immediately silence "VegetarianSoul", who had previously been impervious to all argument. Progressivism is completely submissive to Islam, and my variation is no exception.

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  1. "Do you know you are acting like a 6 year old kid ? .. threatening and lying aren't the qualities one would expect froma good muslim.Try to be as nice as possible while putting your point forward."